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Drew Sidora Net Worth: Sidora is an American singer and actress best known for her role as Chantel in the Disney sitcom That’s So Raven. Drew Sidora’s net worth is $2 million as of 2022.

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Early Life and Bio

Full NameDrew Sidora Pittman
Birth Date / AgeMay 1, 1985 / 37 Years Old
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois, USA
Source of WealthActing / Singing
Relationship StatusMarried To Ralph Pittman
Height5 ft. 4 in. / 162 cm.
Net Worth$2 Million

Drew Sidora Pittman (née Jordan) was born in Chicago, Illinois in May 1985 to parents Robert and Jeanette. Her father was a pediatrician, and her mother is the pastor of Journey to the Cross Ministries. Unfortunately, her father has Alzheimer’s disease.

Sidora, on the other hand, grew up with four siblings. She has a brother named Bryan, as well as three sisters named Allison, Christa, and Edilah.

In terms of schooling, the actress went to and graduated from Rich Central High School.

Drew Sidora Net Worth and Career

Sidora began performing even before she was a teenager. In reality, when she was nine years old, she participated in the Fox TV movie Divas opposite Khalil Kain, Lisa Nicole Carson, and Nicole Ari Parker.

She was also the youngest member of Hollywood’s “Hook Players Theater Ensemble” at the time. According to Metacritic, Sidora created multiple industrial films while residing at the Richard Pryor Theater.

Sidora’s initial claim to fame was as Chantel in the Disney Channel sitcom That’s So Raven. Despite this, her character featured in just four of the show’s 100 episodes.

Lucy Avila in the 2006 film Step Up is without a doubt Sidora’s most noteworthy cinematic performance. She was also featured twice on the film’s soundtrack, on the songs For the Love and Til the Dawn.

This resulted in her obtaining a record contract with Slip-n-Slide Records in December 2008.

In the 13th season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sidora joined the cast. Then, in December 2020, she made her debut on the show. According to reports, the show’s principal star, Kandi Burruss, earns around $450,000 every episode.

Of course, Sidora’s pay isn’t very great, but the Real Housewives are well compensated.

What did Drew Sidora do before joining the cast of ‘RHOA?’

Despite the fact that she is now a reality star, Sidora has an impressive IMDb resume that dates back to the 1990s. She has appeared in several films, including ‘Sister Code,’ ‘Hope For Love,’ ‘The Choir Director,’ ‘The Preacher’s Son,’ ‘Sleepless,’ ‘CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story,’ ‘Mother’s Day,’ ‘B-Girl,’ ‘Never Back Down,’ ‘Wild Hogs,’ ‘Motives 2,’ She has also starred on ‘That’s So Raven’ and ‘The Game.’

Sidora sang two songs in the film ‘Step Up,’ ‘Til The Dawn’ and ‘For The Love.’ With the song ‘Three Can Play That Game,’ she was included on the soundtrack of the comedy film ‘Three Can Play That Game,’ in 2017. Slip-n-Slide Records signed her in 2008, and the first single from her album, ‘Juke It,’ was released in 2010. She also played Trey Songz’s lover in Trey Day’s video for ‘Last Time,’ and she starred in Sean Paul’s video for ‘Give It Up to Me.’

Who Is Drew Sidora Married To?

Drew, unlike several of her co-stars, does not have a particularly shady history. At least not in terms of relationships.

She has one kid from a previous marriage, although she has been married to Ralph Pittman since 2014. They had two more children together, for a total of two boys and one girl.

What Does Drew’s Husband Ralph Do For A Living?

While Drew is heavily involved in Hollywood, her husband is a bit less visible with his career. He is a CEO (and founder) of a company, but it’s a wellness brand and not anything too glitzy.

Drew Sidora Ralph Husband

According to insiders, his firm makes “therapeutic music,” and Drew Sidora’s spouse appears to be doing well for himself. However, while some reports claim Ralph is worth around $2 million, this does not appear to be the case.

Most sources add a husband and wife’s net worths together and then publish the total as the net worth of each half of the marriage.

When sources claim Ralph is worth $2 million, some say Drew is worth $1.5 million and her husband is worth $800,000.

While they’re worth a combined $2 million, that’s still a low amount for someone as well-connected in Hollywood as Drew Sidora.

Nonetheless, the husband and wife duo just purchased a property jointly, indicating that they are certainly financially secure.

Plus, they’re both working (with Drew presumably receiving a raise in her yearly wages as a result of ‘RHOA,’ so their net worths will undoubtedly improve.

Drew Sidora Twitter and Instagram

The actress currently has 62,800 followers on her Twitter account. In addition, as of May 2022, Sidora has 507,000 Instagram followers. She also has a Facebook page and her own website.

Drew Sidora Husband and Personal Life

Since 2014, the Chicago native has been blissfully married to her spouse Ralph Pittman. They have two children: a son called Machai and a girl named Aniya.

Sidora had previously been involved with a man named Ricky Brascom. She and Brascom had a kid together named Knight, although Sidora claims Knight’s father is uninvolved.

Drew Sidora Net Worth

Drew Sidora’s net worth of $2 million has grown steadily since she was a youngster. Her television and film jobs have earned her money, but her work on The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been her most lucrative.

Why Isn’t Drew Sidora Worth More?

It’s difficult to say why Drew Sidora doesn’t have a bigger net worth. Fans may believe that because she has been in so many films and TV series, she has amassed more cash.

Because, while $1.5 million may seem like a lot of money to most people, it isn’t much for someone who has worked in Hollywood for almost 20 years.

Fortunately, Sidora’s net worth isn’t relatively low because of poor money management on her part, or bankruptcy, or other issues like her fellow housewives.

And Sidora’s net worth also hasn’t fluctuated based on marriage or divorce (like on-off ‘RHOA’ star Porsha’s). So what gives? It seems that Sidora is likely a somewhat underpaid actress and celebrity.

drew sidora -2

The good news is that most housewives earn hundreds of thousands of dollars every season; $800,000 per season was entry-level pay not long ago, so Drew’s admirers are hopeful she starts making money for her reality TV hours soon.

Her newfound notoriety on ‘Housewives’ has also led to new chances. Drew, like other influencer-era celebrities, has collaborations with labels such as Fashion Nova, and she’s also set to star in a few more films and other projects.

Drew could have needed ‘Real Housewives’ to resurrect her media career. The only thing supporters hope for is that her time on the show is less tumultuous than that of her other housewives, and that she takes advantage of the chance.

Drew Sidora FAQ

How old is Drew Sidora?

The entertainer celebrates her birthday every year on May 1st. Being born in 1985, Sidora just recently turned 37 years old.

Who is Drew Sidora’s son’s father?

Overall, Sidora has three children, two of whom are with her husband Ralph Pittman. However, she had her eldest child with her ex named Ricky Brascom. Reportedly, he is a hip-hop producer.

Drew Sidora News

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