Matthew Modine Wiki 2022: Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography & More

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Matthew Modine, born Matthew Avery Modine, is an actor, activist, and filmmaker from the United States. Matthew Modine’s net worth is $10 million as of 2022. His net worth was gained through his acting profession. He has been in the sector since 1982. Modine has appeared in several films, music videos, and television series. Modine’s work as an actor is highly regarded by critics and the general public, as is his work as an activist.

Modine rose to prominence after playing US Marine Corps Private Joker in ‘Full Metal Jacket.’ He is well known for his role as Dr. Martin Brenner in the blockbuster science fiction drama series ‘Stranger Things.’

Matthew Modine Wiki

Matthew Modine Wiki/Biography

Matthew Modin, who was born on March 22, 1959, will be 63 years old in 2022. He was born and raised in a middle-class household in Loma Linda, California, USA. Their family later relocated to Imperial Beach, California, in the United States. In 1977, he attended Mar Vista High School.

Matthew Modine continued his schooling at Serge Dedina University in Imperial Beach, California, USA. From the beginning of his life, he was more interested in extra-curricular activities than in schoolwork.

Matthew Modine Bio
NameMatthew Modine
Full NameMatthew Avery Modine
Net Worth$10 Million
Date of Birth22 March 1959
Age63 Years
Birth PlaceLoma Linda, California, United States
ProfessionActor, Activist and Filmmaker
Zodiac SignAries
SchoolMar Vista High School, Imperial Beach, California, United States
College / UniversitySerge Dedina University, Imperial Beach, California, United States

Family, Girlfriend & Relationships

Matthew Modine’s father is Mark Alexander Modine, a former manager of drive-in cinemas, and her mother is Dolores Modine, a bookkeeper.

He also has six siblings, all of whom are older than him. Mark Modine, Russell Modine, and Michael Modine are all actors, while his brother Maury Modine is a politician. Elizabeth Modine and Marcia Modine, both actors, are his sisters.

Matthew Modine is currently married. In the year 1980, he married Caridad Rivera, who is also an actor. She was a cosmetics and wardrobe stylist from Puerto Rico of Spanish and African descent at the time.

Matthew Modine Wife

They have two kids. Boman Mark Rivera Modine is a film assistant director, and his daughter, Ruby Modine, is an actress, ballet dancer, and singer.

Jenny McShane, Brenda Schad, and Agni Scott have all dated Befoe Caridad.

Father NameMark Alexander Modine
Mother NameDolores Modine
Brother NameMark Modine, Russell Modine, Michael Modine and Maury Modine
Sister NameElizabeth Modine and Marcia Modine
GirlfriendCaridad Rivera, Jenny McShane, Brenda Schad and Agni Scott
Marital StatusMarried
Wife NameCaridad Rivera
ChildrenBoman Mark Rivera Modine and Ruby Modine

Physical Appearance

In the American music business and Hollywood, Matthew Modine is a remarkably young-looking and gorgeous actor. He is well-known for his enticing good looks and daringly beautiful demeanor. Modine has a very adorable grin dashing haircut that his followers like.

Matthew Modine Wiki 2022: Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography & More

Modine has a well-developed physique, with 15-inch biceps. Modine stands 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs roughly 80 kg. His hair is black-blue in tone, and he has gorgeous blue eyes.


Matthew Modine began his career as an actor on the American television program. He appeared as Randy in an episode of ‘ABC Afterschool Special’ in 1982. In 1983, he appeared in three films: ‘Baby It’s You’re as Steve, ‘Private School’ as Jim Green, and ‘Streamers’ as Billy. In 1984, he returned to the screen in three films: ‘The Hotel New Hampshire’ as Chip Dove / Ernst, ‘Birdy’ as Birdy, and ‘Mrs. Soffel’ as Jack Biddle.

Matthew Modine Private School

In 1985, he played London Swain in the film ‘Vision Quest.’ He starred in two music videos this year, ‘Crazy for You’ and ‘Gambler,’ both recorded by Madonna from the film ‘Vision Quest.’ He appeared in two films in 1987: ‘Full Metal Jacket’ as Seargent J.T. ‘Joker’ Davis and ‘Orphans’ as Treat.

In 1988, he appeared in two films: “Married to the Mob” as FBI Agent Mike Downey and “The Gamble” as Fransesco Sacredo. In the same year, he appeared as Eugene O’Neill in an episode of the television series ‘American Playhouse.’ In 1989, he played Joe Slovak in the film “Gross Anatomy.”

Matthew Modine American Playhouse

In 1990, he appeared in two films: ‘Memphis Belle’ as Captain Dennis Dearborn and ‘Pacific Heights’ as Drake Goodman. In 1992, he appeared in two films: ‘Equinox’ as Henry Petosa / Freddy ‘Ace’ and ‘Wind’ as Will Parker.

He was a co-producer, co-director, and co-writer on the short film ‘When I Was A Boy’ in 1993. The same year, he appeared in the short film ‘The Tree’ as Boy as Middle-Aged Man / Boy as Old Man. This year, he also appeared as Dr. Ralph Wyman in the film ‘Short Cuts’ and as Dr. Don Francis in the television film ‘And the Band Played On.’

In 1994, he directed and produced the film ‘Smoking,’ and he played Frank Hunter in the film ‘The Browning Version.’ The same year, he played Jacob in the TV film ‘Jacob.’ In 1995, he appeared in three films: “Bye Bye Love” as Dave Goldman, “Fluke” as Thomas P. Johnson / Voice of Fluke, and “Cutthroat Island” as William Shaw.

Matthew Modine Bye Bye Love

He wrote, directed, and produced the short film ‘Ecce Pirate’ in 1997. The same year, he played Matty in ‘The Blackout,’ Walter Schmeiss in ‘The Maker,’ and Joe in ‘The Real Blonde.’ The same year, he co-starred in the television film ‘What the Deaf Man Heard’ alongside Sammy Ayers. In 1998, he appeared as Lawrence Swoboda in an episode of ‘American Experience,’ and as Christopher Newman in the TV film ‘The American.’

In 1999, he appeared in an uncredited film named ‘Notting Hill’ as the Movie-Within-A-Movie Actor. He played Johnnie Cooper in the film ‘If… Dog… Rabbit,’ and he also directed and wrote it. He also appeared as Dr. Ollie Powers in ‘Any Given Sunday’ this year.

In the year 2000, he appeared in three films: “Very Mean Men” as Bartender, “Bamboozled” as himself, and “The Shipment” as Mitch Garett. The same year, he played Charlie Gordon in the television film ‘Flowers for Algernon.’

In 2001, he played Sonny in ‘Nobody’s Baby,’ Eric O’Byrne in ‘In The Shadows,’ and Mitch Garett in ‘The Shipment.’ The same year, he played Jack Robinson in two episodes of the series ‘Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story.’ In 2002, he played Paul Freeman in the television film ‘Redeemer.’

Matthew Modine Nobody’s Baby

In 2003, he appeared in three films: “Overnight” as himself, “Le Divorce” as Tellman, and “Hollywood North” as Bobby Myers. In the same year, he appeared in an episode of ‘The West Wing’ as Marco Artens, two episodes of ‘Hitler: The Rise of Evil’ as Fritz Gerlich, and a TV feature called ‘Expert Witness.’

In 2004, he played Alec McCall in the film ‘Funny Monkey.’ The same year, he played Honus Wagner in the television film ‘The Winning Season.’ This year, he also portrayed the character of Paul in the Goodman Theater’s production of ‘Finishing The Picture.’

He appeared in three films in 2005: ‘Transporter 2’ as Senator Jeff Billings, ‘Mary’ as Tony Childress / Jesus, and ‘Opa!’ as Eric. In the same year, he appeared as Gordon Rickett in an episode of ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ and as Samson Wheeler in an episode of ‘Into The West.’ This year, he was the topic of Pony Up’s song “Matthew Modine.”

In 2006, he played Mel in the film ‘Kettle of Fish,’ and he also served as the film’s executive producer. In the same year, he appeared as Professor Jake Macklin in eight episodes of ‘The Bedford Diaries.’ In the same year, he appeared as Skip in the Old Vic’s production of ‘Resurrection Blues.’

He appeared in three films in 2007, including ‘Go Go Tales’ as Johnie Ruby, ‘Have Dreams, Will Travel’ as Ben’s Father, and ‘The Neighbour’ as Jeff. In the same year, he played Sullivan Groff in 12 episodes of ‘Weeds’ and one episode of ‘Good Morning Agrestic,’ both as Sullivan Groff.

Matthew Modine Go Go Tales

In 2008, he wrote, directed, and produced the short film ‘I Think I Thought,’ in which he also appeared as Joe. He directed, produced, and wrote the film ‘To Kill an American’ the same year. This year, he also appeared as the narrator in the short film ‘Santa, the Fascist Years,’ and as Mr. Houston / Godfrey in the English version of ‘Mia and the Migoo.’ He also appeared as David’s father in the film ‘The Garden of Eden’ this year. The same year, he played Ted Binion in the popular TV film ‘Sex and Lies in Sin City.’

In 2009, he played Mr. Jack in the film ‘Little Fish, Strange Pond,’ and he was also the executive producer. In the same year, he played Atticus Finch in the Hartford Stage production of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’

Matthew Modine Net Worth Summary

Matthew Modine’s net worth is $10 million as of 2022. Modine makes the most of his money from performing in films, TV programs, and stage productions.

Matthew Modine is a $10 million dollar net worth American actor. Matthew has appeared in scores of significant films and television programs throughout the course of his four-decade career. He is possibly best remembered for his performance in Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 film “Full Metal Jacket.”

Matthew Modine Net Worth

Matthew Modine was born on March 22, 1959 in Loma Linda, California. He made his professional on-screen debut in the early 1980s with a role in the film “Baby It’s You.” His work in the project garnered him a lot of attention in Hollywood, and he went on to star and co-star in films including “Private School,” “Streamers,” “Birdy,” “The Hotel New Hampshire,” and “Mrs. Soffel.” In 1985, his role in the film “Vision Quest” established him as a household star.

Since then, he has appeared in films such as “Full Metal Jacket,” “Married to the Mob,” “Short Cuts,” “And the Band Played On,” “Bye Bye Love,” “Any Given Sunday,” “Transporter 2,” “The Trial,” and “The Dark Knight Rises.” He’s also starred in television shows including “Flowers for Algernon,” “Into the West,” “Weeds,” and “Too Big to Fail.”

Facts and Information

In 1986, Modine was offered the funny part of Tom Cruise in the film ‘Top Gun.’ He declined because he was opposed to the film’s cold-war themes. Some speculate that he quit because it was a pro-military film. Some feel that Tom Cruise achieved renown with his film, and that Modine could have replaced Tom if he had wanted to pursue this project.

Liam Neeson, his neighbor and teacher, is teaching him how to fly fish. He works as a carpenter, gardener, and painter.

He is the creator of the Bicycle For a Day program (BFAD). This is an effort he has taken to bring people together and encourage them to ride bicycles instead of driving cars, which produces pollution.

In 2019, he also ran against Gabrielle Carteris for the SAG-AFTRA national presidency. He is an American who practices Christianity.

Matthew Modine’s paternal grandpa is Andrew Daniel Andreassen Modine, who is of Swedish heritage. As a result, he has a mixed genealogy that includes English, Scottish, Dutch, and German ancestors.


Who is Matthew Modine?

Matthew Modine, born Matthew Avery Modine, is an actor, activist, and filmmaker from the United States.

How old is Matthew Modine?

Matthew Modine is 63 years old.

What is Matthew Modine’s Net Worth?

Matthew Modine’s Net Worth is $10 million.

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